Elaine, Founder & Principal Instructor

Hi, I'm Elaine and I've been pole dancing since 2003. I set up Poleminx in 2005 to share the amazing benefits of pole dancing with other people like me who wanted an alternative way of staying fit while doing something they loved.

I first started teaching pole dancing for fun and fitness in Surrey at a time when such classes were almost unheard of outside a few London clubs, and am proud to have taught thousands of students since, even a few who have gone on to open their own pole schools.

I have a complete passion for pole dancing, a drive for ever deeper knowledge, and am dedicated to continuing professional self development to keep our pole instruction at the cutting edge. I've trained with world-class pole dancers including Pantera and current reigning Miss World Pole Dance champion Felix. I'm fully qualified in Level 2 Exercise to Music, and am currently studying both the biomechanics of dance and NLP for Sports Coaches.

I'm also an ex-professional pole dancer with direct experience of the industry and love to bring a taste of authentic, traditional pole dancing to the lessons, recognising that the opportunity to unleash your inner pole dancer can make you feel feminine and strong whatever your age or background!

A year before I started pole dancing, I lost complete use of my left thumb and had limited hand mobility; I really believe pole has helped in the return of these to full strength and range of movement after surgery.

What I love best about pole dancing is seeing the change in people from nervous newcomers on their first week, to confident polers months later moving round the pole with ease and carrying out fantastic tricks and spins they never thought possible :-)

Elaine holds full Public Liability Insurance, is 1st Aid certified, a member of Equity, the Performers Union, and adheres to the Code of Ethical Practice for Fitness Professionals.

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