What do I wear?!

Typical wear for pole dancing classes is shorts or a short skirt and a vest or T-shirt. If you don't fancy shorts, jogging bottoms which can be rolled up just above the knee are also fine to start with. Fitness gear, dance clothing and/or clubwear are never out of place in a pole dancing class, so do bring what's best for you whether you want to dress up or just be comfortable :-)

We don't recommend leggings, jeans or tights etc as these will prevent good technique.  [Back to Top]

What not to wear!

To avoid injury to yourself and damage to the poles, please don't apply moisturisers, lotions, tan products etc before class. These may be removed prior to the class if applied in the morning. They make the poles slippery, and pole tricks 10 times more difficult! Jewellery such as watches, bracelets, rings, ankle chains should be removed, and if applicable, belly piercings may be covered with a plaster to be on the safe side. [Back to Top]

Do I need to bring anything else?

A bottle of water is recommended.  [Back to Top]

How big is the class?

8 people maximum for Levels 1 and 2; 4 for Levels 3 and 4.  [Back to Top]

Do I have to wear heels?

Heels are optional. They make the steps and turns easier, and give a bit more 'wiggle', but it is fine to dance in flat shoes (pumps, trainers etc) if you prefer. Flat shoes will be required for the Warm Up and Cool Down.

Here are the pro's and con's in a fun article from a few years back.  [Back to Top]

How many people per pole?

2 people maximum for Levels 1 and 2; 1 pole each for Levels 3 and 4.  [Back to Top]

Can I attend if I'm 16/17

Regrettably for insurance reasons there's a minmum age requirement of 18+.  [Back to Top]

Do you offer Instructor Training?

At this time we do not offer Teacher Training or continued instructor training to individuals who have trained elsewhere. At our discretion 1-2-1 training may be available, please advise if you plan to go into teaching. Regular group courses are not suitable for anyone who wishes to train as a pole dance instructor.  [Back to Top]

Are men allowed?

The regular scheduled classes are ladies only, however men are more than welcome if they're part of a one-off group booking, or if there were sufficient numbers (6 minimum) to run a class just for the guys.  [Back to Top]

What happens if I miss a class?

Every attempt will be made to accommodate you at an alternative class, but this is strictly subject to space available at the time. Catch-up classes may be offerred only on Courses running at the same time. Regrettably refunds cannot be made for individual weeks missed, and classes are not transferable to later courses. There will be regular re-caps of all moves throughout the course, which provide an opportunity to catch up.  [Back to Top]

What happens if I cannot complete a course

We have a policy of keeping class sizes deliberately small, to allow maximum pole time and teaching attention, for students' benefit. Therefore once a place has been booked on a course, it is exclusively yours, and we are not able to fill it or re-advertise it once the course is underway. For this reason regrettably refunds or transfers to future courses can not be provided after the course has started, for any reason without exception. Please check course dates and prior work etc commitments carefully before signing up.

In the exceptionally rare circumstance that we must cancel a class, eg because of instructor illness, venue unavailability, exceptional weather or traffic conditions, and similar, a full refund for that class will be provided, if you advise immediately that its replacement date/time is not convenient.  [Back to Top]

Do I have to strip and are there spectators?!

No and no! Our Studio is absolutely private.  [Back to Top]

What's your privacy policy regarding my contact details?

Your contact details are strictly never passed on to any third parties. Your email is used solely for the purpose of sending out an occasional Newsletter (you can unsubscribe from this online at any time) and telephone number is required in case we ever need to contact you regarding your class at very short notice.  [Back to Top]

Do the classes run during Half-term?

Yes, we do not break for half-term or school holidays, and classes continue as normal during those weeks. However classes do not take place on Bank Holiday Mondays, this is advised in the course dates at the time.  [Back to Top]

I have previous pole experience, which Level should I attend?

People transferring from other pole schools or who are self-taught are always welcome to join, please contact me for advice on which of our Levels would suit your skills best.  [Back to Top]

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