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Am I too old / wrong shape / not fit enough?

Whether fast and athletic, or slow and sensual, pole dancing has something for all shapes, styles and fitness levels. Increasingly enjoyed by everyday people of all backgrounds, ages and interests, the only entry restrictions are that you are 18+ and not pregnant.

Check out this inspiring video of a 70+ year old pole student in the US!  [Back to Top]

How strenuous is pole dancing?

Like any new physical activity, you'll probably "feel" it at first, with some achiness and bruising to be expected a few days after class. Happily, over the weeks the body becomes conditioned, gradually stronger and the techniques start becoming second-nature, and pole dancing gets a lot easier! Please be gentle and patient with yourself, pole dancing is a skill. Regular pole dancing is great for bringing tone to all areas of the body.  [Back to Top]

I have a sports injury / heart problems / Musculoskeletal or other health concerns

As with beginning any new physical exercise, it's strongly recommended that you check with your GP or specialist first if you have any concerns. If you do not want to mention "pole dancing", it can be described as comparable to martial arts, circus or acro skills, weights training and cardio fitness. Please call for advice in the case of any existing shoulder injuries / concerns. You'll be required to sign a waiver / disclaimer in the first lesson.  [Back to Top]

Can I pole dance if I'm pregnant / recently given birth?

Pole dancing isn't recommended during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes which make the body (joints in particular) more prone to injury at this time. Pole dancing is ideal post-pregnancy after about 12 weeks, and many new Mums come to pole classes as a way back into exercise again.  [Back to Top]

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