About the Level 4 6-week pole dancing course

Example Level 4 Pole Dance Moves

Introducing new inverted and aerial tricks, and developing previously-learned material from 'practice' to 'performance' versions, with clean lines and smooth entries, exits and transitions. This course includes a significant segment of pole-conditioning and strength / flexy work designed to prep for tricks in more advanced levels.

It is common for the stages at Level 4 to be repeated as often as required, to build up the requisite strength and familiarity with the key tricks and techniques before moving onwards. Therefore the Level 4 classes not have have a 6 week time span like the easier Levels.

At this Level, classes tend to be 1 per pole in a class of 4-5 max, guaranteeing the personal attention of the Instructor and optimal practice time.

Each class starts with a quick and easy mini-dance-routine to keep spins from ealier Levels fresh, and to continue warming up.

The classes will also include a section to music designed to build strength and flexibility, targeting areas required for future pole tricks, and general pole conditioning.

Most of the moves at this Level are 'works in progress'. They will be broken down into 'stages' and baby steps, please do expect them to take longer to achieve.

Students with poles at home may request 'homework' and guidance on background conditioning / strength building work to be carried out between classes, if required.

SAFETY IS AN ABSOLUTE PRIORITY at Poleminx - you won't be allowed to attempt upside down moves without pole mats, a spotter, familiarisation from the floor first, and a thorough breakdown of technique!

Tricks are taught strictly in order of difficulty and with a logical route of progression, leaping ahead without prior training/prep will not be allowed, to protect the joints and muscles.

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