About the Level 2 6-week pole dancing course

Example Level 2 Improvers Pole Dance Pictures

Structured and progressive

Just like Level 1, Level 2 will lead to another, new, choreographed routine to a set piece of music by Week 6.

Full of new stuff too

The Course introduces climbs, upright aerial poses, dedicated conditioning / training work to prepare for Upside Down moves in Level 3, combination spins, more intricate dance steps and floorwork, and maintains all the elements of the traditional pole dance!

Still a small and friendly class!

Still 2 people max per pole (typically you'll find 3 people sharing a pole in many pole schools)

accompanied by a Level 2 Certificate in Pole Dancing

On completion of the course. You will also receive hand-outs of the moves and course routine

Example Level 2 Pole Dance Routine learnt over 6 weeks:

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enquiries: 07719 483305

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